Save time and money with our royalty free, background music service.

Tribe of Noise offers PRS and PPL-free music to match your brand. Click through our collection of expertly curated channels, featuring tracks from our 50,000 talented independent artists, and select a mix that will boost your business and reduce your overheads every single month. It’s that simple.

50,000+ artists

We represent a growing global community of talented independent artists. We reward our artists fairly by guaranteeing they get paid when their music is played.

3,000+ locations

Our background music is already enhancing the brand experience of thousands of shops, hotels, gyms, cafés and even offices. Each business location has selected the sounds that best suits their unique customer base.

Connected by Tribe of Noise

We want you to think of us as a friend who’s made you an awesome mix tape to brighten up your work day and get your business thriving. We love music, treat our artists as stars, deliver fine-tuned music choices to brands and remove all the unnecessary hassle in between.

For just £20 per month we make background music easy. There’s no additional license and no additional hardware required. Just click a music channel on our website and enjoy uninterrupted music. Our expert music curators constantly fine-tune and update our channels so they stay fresh and never get repetitive. 


Here’s a taster of the types of channels you can expect from Tribe of Noise. Each one delivers uninterrupted, non-stop and non-repetitive music sourced from Tribe of Noise’s community of talented independent artists.

Which channel suits your brand best?

Royalty free background music for bars and lunchrooms

A feel-good music blend, with just enough energy to make everyone’s day better. Just like your favourite coffee.

Royalty free background music for shops

Up-beat tunes to keep your customers shopping. Youthful, fresh, on trend but not copying it. Our best pop discoveries. 

Royalty free background music for gyms and sports

High energy music to keep you going the extra mile. This channel won’t let up, encouraging your members get the most out of their workout. 

Royalty free background music for spa wellness relax

Embrace happiness and relaxation with our smooth instrumental channel. A collection of gentle, pure tracks, perfect for your hotel, spa lobby or lounge. 

Royalty free background music for restaurants

Food, friends and music make your night out. A classic comforting feel in independent tunes, the perfect accompaniment to dinner, from aperitif to mints.


Cracking choice of channels

The Tribe of Noise team has been in the music business for decades and we know a good track when we hear one. Our channel curators are dedicated to creating background music mixes that enhance the customer experience of all sorts of brands.

Just press play

After subscribing you can jump straight into our background music service. Simply play your favourite Tribe of Noise music channel direct from your tablet, laptop or PC. No other hardware, no other licenses required.  

Non stop background music

Our smart scheduling technology keeps the sounds you hear fresh. Your customers and staff will enjoy great music that never gets repetitive. 

Tested, Approved, Recommended

Tribe of Noise for Business is designed to stream without any complicated setups or specific hardware. Our service is device-agnostic. However, we can recommend a few professional hardware solutions working seamlessly with our music service.


Tribe of Noise is a subscription-based streaming music service for businesses. We provide a legal alternative to playing a consumer music service such as Spotify and a lower-cost alternative to paying the PRS/PPL license fees required for playing chart music in public. We bring a catalogue of music from 50,000 independent artists, under license, to businesses which pay one monthly fee. We pay our artists fairly, guaranteeing that they get paid each time their music is played.

Tribe of Noise is a music licensing company building a community of tens of thousands of independent artists around the world.

We work with certified resellers to help distribute our music to businesses everywhere.

We also work with certified A/V installers across the country to bring your Tribe of Noise music experience to the next level. 

Yes, we love that idea! In the past we have created the following for our business customers:

+ Custom music channels, a collection of our existing tracks mixed to fit your brand.
+ Custom music zones, including both popular chart hits and/or our Tribe of Noise rights included music (no PRS/PPL)
+ Brand new songs and albums, written and performed for your target audience by a Tribe of Noise artist.

Contact us to start getting creative!

Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, etc. are for consumer use only and not for commercial use in the UK. When you subscribe to one of these platforms you do so as an individual, or a family, not as a business.

If you only use Tribe of Noise music, then there is no need to continue paying PRS/PPL.

If you are using a mix of sources, then feel free to contact us so we can help you. In some cases you can still reduce your PRS/PPL fees, depending on when and where you use each source of music.

For example: Gyms pay separately for classes, workout rooms and reception, and could potentially cancel some of these licenses. Pubs could pay a separate fee for DJ nights while saving costs during the day.

Sure! Tribe of Noise also support video makers, advertising agencies, podcasters, YouTubers and anyone else in media productions. Visit for more information.   

Don't worry. Just contact us and we will gladly answer your question.